I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. For two years as your state representative, I worked as hard as possible each and every day to fight for you.

Public service is paved with enormous personal and professional sacrifice. In a time of political hostility and divisiveness, I’ve tried my absolute hardest to take the punches and meanness and move forward with kindness and caring.

There have been moments of heartache and despair, times of doubt and struggle, sadness in seeing family or friends torn apart because of political disagreements.

But no matter how deep and painful our collective wounds may be, I’m hopeful for our better tomorrow. As your representative, I have seen the incredible strength and compassion in our communities to keep pushing forward together.

Together, we are great because of our resilience to endure and grow together, our compassion towards helping people whom we may never meet, and our unwavering belief in our democracy.

Together, we accomplished so much during these two years. We built bridges where there were once walls, found common ground amidst our differences, and proven that it is possible to disagree without hatred.

Together, we tackled some of the most challenging, urgent issues: changing the way we power the future with clean fusion technology (HB 1924), providing every child with more career learning opportunities (HB 2236), and ensuring every veteran has access to benefits (Veteran Service Officers).

However, the future calls us with new challenges and opportunities. And while some people only see problems and criticize, I envision solutions and say how.

I know that we will face these challenges head-on, solve tomorrow’s problems today – and create a future where every child has access to quality education, every worker earns a fair wage, and every family feels safe and financially secure.

My goal has been and will always be simple – to give my absolute everything to public service. Serving in the legislature has been one of the most challenging endeavors, but also one of the most meaningful – and I’m honored to have gone on this adventure with you.

Thank you for letting me part of making our little corner of the world a little bit better.

Always at Your Service,